Anonymous said:

You didn't have time for this RP but you had time for another one?

The main reason I stopped it was because there were so many other roleplays out there that all had the same plot so it was harder to get more members and then I stopped it, then I regretted stopping it but I’d already restarted it twice and then I decided to make the original one.

Anonymous said:

An original role play - As in the tvd originals - Hell yeah!

That would actually be a brilliant idea, if we go back to when they were alive… OMG Thank You So Much Anon <333 I am going to make it <333 Let me love you!

Thinking of starting a new rp.

I figured that most TVD Roleplays don’t ever get too popular because not enough people watch the show and there are loads of TVD roleplays around so I’m considering starting an original roleplay, would anyone still be interested in joining?

Anonymous said:

Shall we delete our accounts then??

If you want too <3

I’m afraid I have no time for this roleplay anymore :(

I’m sorry everyone <3

Here's Rose !

Follow Rose!

Anonymous said:

do you desperately need anyone?

We desperately need a Klaus :)

We got 2 members yesterday and have already got 1 more today!

At the moment we have 18 members & I’m hoping to get some more males and then I’ll give some options for our first event.

So keep applying!


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Anonymous said:

Can you please add Serena to Elena, Meredith and Carolines friendships. xx

Have done now ;)